Competitive Gymnastics

Competitive Gymnastics Training

Our program prepares talented young gymnasts for competition conducted on behalf of USAG. The minimum age for competition is 4 years old. Our awesome facility and knowledgeable coach staff make it possible to help every participant achieve their goals from Junior Olympics through Elite. If you are interested in joining TEAM GU, please contact Coach Dave Gibson at

Gymnastics Unlimited

benefits of being in competitive gymnastics

  • Increased strength, flexibility and coordination

  • Overall body fitness and weight contrrol

  • Time management

  • Setting and achieving goals

  • Developing physical, mental and emotional control

  • Foundation for leadership skills and good work ethics

Gymnastics Unlimited

levels & competitive gymnastics

Woman's gymnastics is comprised of four events:  Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise.  That is the Olympic Order and the one that we follow.

Now you know if your daughter starts her competition on bars, her next events will be beam, then floor and she will end on vault.  The next time you see gymnastics on tv, pay attention.

At a meet your daughter will be given a score on each event and at the conclusion of the meet you add them all up to get her "All-Around" (AA) score.

Awards are given at the conclusion of the meet to the highest scores on each event and the All-Around.

Training Team

This is for our little ones that show potential to become a competitive athlete.  They practice once a week for 1.5 hours.  The Lead Coach for this level is KAYTLIN FEE.

Compulsory Levels (Everyone does the same routine at each level)

Level 2 (ages 5-9) They practice 6 hours a week and the Lead Coach is DEANN JACKSON

Level 3 (ages 7-10) They practice 9 hours a week and the Lead Coach is JILL FEE

Level 4/5 (ages 8-12) They practice 12 hours a week and the Lead Coach is KATIE MARTINELLE

Optionals (Upper levels and different routines)

Levels 6-10 (ages 9-18) They practice 12 hours a week and the Lead Coaches are Dave Gibson (Co-Team Director) and Mandy German.

Xcel Program (All ages with different abilities and few hours of practice per week)

Dana Williams is the program director for all xcels and her coaching staff consists of Christy Grocox and Faith Land

  • Silver - This is one of the entry levels. Silvers practice 8 hours per week
  • Gold - This level is one step up for the intermediate athletes.  Golds practice 10 hours per week
  • Platinum - This is for the more seasoned gymnast performing more difficult skills.  The Platinums practice 10 hours per week.

About Us

Founded in 1996 by Kelly Doyle Day, our owner and team coach, we are one of the oldest and trusted gymnasiums in the East Side of Indianapolis.

We are currently serving students residing in the East Side of Indianapolis, Warren Township, New Palestine, and Franklin township. From training areas to fun foam pits, we have everything that a child would love.

Our Training Programs

  • Ninja training
  • Cheerleading training
  • Recreational gymnastics
  • Tumbling