Shamrock All-Stars Cheer Try-Outs


We want YOU to join our National Champion #ShamFam

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The try-out process includes 2 days of clinics (May 17 & May 19) as well as the final try-out evaluations (May 24 & May 26). You will attend the clinic and final evaluations based on your athlete's CURRENT age.

Tiny/Mini (3-6 years) 4:30pm - 5:15pm

Ages 7 - 11 years 5pm - 7pm

Ages 12 years & older 7pm - 9pm

At the try-out clinics our coaching staff will teach you the layout of the try-out routine as well as work with athletes on stunts, tumbling & jumps.

Previous cheerleading or tumbling experience is not required, but is encouraged.



Our limited travel prep & novice teams compete locally throughout the competition season at 4-5 competitions. This is a great introduction into all star cheerleading for beginner athletes. These teams only practice 2x per week throughout the year.


Our elite teams compete both locally and nationally at 8-10 competitions throughout the season. Our teams travel regionally & nationally to compete at the highest competitive level. Competing as an elite all star athlete takes high commitment & dedication.

Try-Out Routine Breakdown

Performing the try-out routine is required for all athletes ages 7 - 18 that are trying out for one of our Competitive Teams. Athletes ages 6 and under will attend the try-out clinics and "evaluations" in a practice format.

Every skill performed in your try-out routine must be consistent within the SAME LEVEL. Please review the sample routine videos & listen to the music. The routine will go in the order as written below. The routine music is designed so there are about 2-3 eight counts of rest between each section.


  1. Running Tumbling Pass
  2. 1st Standing Tumbling
  3. Transition Pass
  4. Jumps
  5. 2nd Standing Tumbling
  6. Dance

Click Here for a full breakdown and guidance on the try-out routine breakdown.


TRYOUT DANCE: Follow the links below to learn the Beginner or Advanced Dance for your try-out routine.

Beginner Dance with Counts

Beginner Dance with Music

Advanced Dance with Counts

Advanced Dance with Music


ROUTINE EXAMPLES: Follow the links below to review examples of each level routine.

Level 1 Routine

Level 2 Routine

Level 3 Routine

Level 4 Routine

Level 5 Routine

Level 6 Routine